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How do I care for my stage draperies?

Drapes should be vacuumed at least once a year to help with minimized dirt and dust. IFR fabric draperies soiled or stained can be treated with a light soap and water solution or dry cleaned. Cotton draperies can be dry cleaned up to 10 times. If draperies are severally faded for dry rotted it’s more cost effective to replace them.

How do I measure for stage curtains and stage draperies?

If you are considering replacing or installing drapes, you can measure the stage opening (proscenium), height & width, and the amount of wing space left and right of the opening. Providing these measurements to your professional will allow them to give you a rough estimate. A site visit will be necessary if you decide to move forward with the project. 

How do I store drapes when not in use?

Drapes can be stored by rolling and tying them to the batten or by removing them, folding and placing them in a soft goods hamper.

What type of fabric should I consider when ordering drapes?

The type of use is the primary consideration in determining the type of fabric for the stage. But, most theatrical draperies are constructed of Inherently Fire-Retardant velour or IFR broadcloths. 

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